Benefits of Using a Collapsible Water Bottle

If you are going to be outside, one thing you are going to need is water. Proper hydration is a must when it comes to exerting yourself outside and it doesn’t matter if it is warm or cold, if you’re active, your body is going to need water. The problem is, how you have an adequate source of water without having to lug around big and sometimes heavy amounts of water. One way is by using a collapsible water bottle.

Easy To Carry

Collapsible bottles are an excellent way to have the water you need without carrying around a huge and bulky water bottle in order to do it. A collapsible water bottle is an excellent tool to use when you are out hiking or doing some other outdoor activity.

One thing that makes a collapsible water bottle a good thing to have is that it is easy to carry. Lugging around a water bottle can be a bit bothersome. You know you need the water, but what do you do when you’re done with the water bottle that you have? You have to find a place to store it.

Save Storage Space

This can be a real issue if your storage space is limited. However, when using a collapsible water bottle, storage is not an issue. You can roll it up, fold it or simply compress it down and slip it in a mesh carrying sleeve in your backpack or simply slide it into your pocket. Either way, you won’t have to carry it around in your hand and it doesn’t have take up valuable storage space.

Good For Recycling

In addition, a collapsible water bottle is an excellent choice if you are interested in recycling or simply reducing your carbon footprint. With these bottles, there is no need to continually have to have new water bottles. Collapsible bottles are made to be used repeatedly. One of these collapsible bottles will take the place of literally hundreds of different water bottles.

Now, it is important to note that while these bottles are excellent for storage, they are not insulated. Therefore, if you are trying to keep whatever you are drinking cold or hot for any extended period of time, a collapsible water bottle may not be your best option.

Keep The Taste Of The Water

Another thing you want to look for is a BPA  free water bottle. These bottles are made of plastic and standard plastic bottles tend to give off a plastic taste to them. While this is not harmful in any way, it certainly does affect the taste of the water and some people are extremely sensitive to this. When you choose a BPA free water bottle, your water, or whatever else you might be drinking, will not be affected by the plastic used in the bottle.

If you are a serious hiker or you just like heading out to the great outdoors and roughing it for a bit, then you know what you carry with you is important and you may have only so much space. Fortunately, a collapsible water bottle is something that is useful and can be stored away with little trouble without taking up much valuable space.

Lots Of Brand Choices

With brands such as Vapur, H2o 2 Go, Dard, Jetline, Platypus, Points of Light, Inc., Nalgene, Aquatina and MSN, you are sure to find an option that suits both your tastes and your budget. Try a collapsible water bottle today and take a step towards reducing your carbon footprint and staying hydrated the easy way!

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