Thinksport Stainless Steel Water Bottle Review


  • Safe Water Bottle Review Approved
  • Doubled walled for insulation
  • Doesn’t sweat
  • Keeps beverages hot or cold for hours
  • Hourglass design
  • Comes with screen to prevent blockage from ice cubes and tea leaves
  • Wide mouth for inserting ice cubes and cleaning.
  • Top has drinking spout to prevent spilling


  • Heavier than most stainless steel water bottles
  • 750ml won’t fit in most cup holders and bike water bottle cages
  • 750ml is bulky


thinksport Stainless Steel Water Bottles

The thinksport is one of the few stainless steel water bottles that is double walled, making it great for those who enjoy hot or cold beverages. The company produces two sizes: the 350ml (12oz) and the 750ml (25oz). Both sizes come in black and silver. Their bottles have an hourglass design which makes them appear attractive and stylish, but the 750ml size seems almost too big in width to grasp comfortably. Both models have two-piece tops which come apart to reveal a small spout for drinking and the larger all-purpose spout of the bottle itself. Quite a unique design. Both pieces of the bottle top have a threaded plastic interior and a polished metal exterior. The whole top assembly is connected to the bottle with a plastic strap. It should be noted, though, that some customers have reported the strap can become detached after washing in a dishwasher.

thinksport Stainless Steel Water Bottles Diagram

The drinking spout of the thinksport measures .75” which prevents spilling. The larger-mouthed spout of the bottle itself has a removable internal screen which, according to the company, helps to reduce blockage created by ice cubes or tea leaves. At 13.8oz the 750ml bottle is a little heavier than most stainless steel water bottles of comparable size. The 27oz Klean Kanteen, for example, only weighs about 10 oz with its stainless steel cap. The heavier thinksport bottle is probably due to the fact that it is double walled. Its double walled insulation works quite well, though. Liquids will normally stay warm or cold for a few hours and the bottle will not sweat. The mouth is 1.75” in diameter so it is easy to insert ice cubes and to clean.

The top is a little difficult to open at first, but after regular use it gets broken in. The strap works well for carrying. The 750ml won’t fit in a standard cup holder, but the 350ml will. The 350ml sells for about $18 and the 750ml sells for about $22.


ModelDimensionsWeightMouth Width
350ml (12oz)8.5” x 2.75”6.6oz1.75″
750ml (25oz)10.25” x 3.5”13.8oz1.75″

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