Pur DS-1800Z 2-Stage Water Filter Dispenser – Review


  • Best-tasting water of all at-home filters
  • Dimensions are fridge-friendly and shelve well with other items
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Two-stage filter removes more contaminants than competitors


  • Slow filter can take a very long time
  • Valve can be depressed by fridge door if arranged just right
  • A few consumers report cracked, leaking reservoir bottoms


The Pur DS-1800Z 2-Stage Water Dispenser gets some of the highest marks among filtered water dispensers designed for at-home refrigerator use. It features a top reservoir for filling, and water is then strained through a 2-stage Pur filter into the bottom reservoir. From there, it is easily dispensed through a valve on the front of the dispenser.

Designed for refrigerators and countertops, the Pur 2-Stage Water Dispenser holds 18 cups of water and has a taller, narrower design than the competing model from Brita. Consumers generally prefer the Pur’s design because it takes up less fridge space and the lid is easier to remove when it is time to refill the water or change the filter.

The Pur 2-Stage Water Dispenser is designed to remove lead, zinc, copper, and other metals, as well as 99% of microbiological cysts (giardia and cryptosporidium). Pur says that this product removes more contaminant and impurities than any other pour-through filter (both pitchers and dispensers).

The two-stage filter is very good at what it claims to do, as the Pur 2-Stage Water Dispenser receives some of the highest owner ratings for the taste and quality of the filtered water it provides. However, that two-stage filtration process means that replacement filters are a bit more expensive than others on the market, and it also means the filtering process takes longer. Some owners report that after the filter is properly prepared, it works faster, but others report a filtration time of over an hour. With any pour through filter, filtration time slows as the filter ages, but on the whole, there are more “slow filtering” complaints with this than with other comparable products.

Pur includes two features meant for ease of use. The first, a “gauge” to monitor filter use is either not included or turns out to be no more than a sticker to schedule a filter replacement based on calendar time, not use. (Pur says filters have a life of 2 months or 40 gallons of water.) The other feature is an easy-carry design, with two ledges that serve as handles.

Consumer feedback on the Pur 2-Stage Water Dispenser is overwhelmingly positive, and some of the highest found for any comparable product, especially when concerning the taste, quality, and purity of the water. Complaints include cracking/leaking, and as a spigot design that can be depressed by items in the refrigerator door, causing spillage.

Bottom line: The Pur DS-1800Z 2-Stage Water Dispenser is designed for fridge or countertop use and provides access to 18 cups of chilled, double-filtered water through an easy-to-use spigot. The double-stage filter removes a variety of metals, cysts, and other contaminants and is one of the top-rated filters for taste, odor, and water quality. Some users have small design complaints relating to the spigot, but for the most part this dispenser gets some of the highest marks of any products serving the purpose of at-home, pour-through water filtration.

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