New Wave Enviro Stainless Steel Water Bottles – Review

  • Safe Water Bottle Review Approved (except the .6-liter)
  • Very affordable
  • Good quality for the price
  • Stainless steel top for those that do not want any plastic touching their liquids
  • Wide mouth makes it easy to insert ice cubes or clean(12oz, 1-liter and 40oz)
  • 12oz and .6-liter will fit in a bike water bottle cage or car cup holder
  • The stainless steel cap needs to be purchased separately (except the 40oz)
  • The sports top leaks
  • Plastic sport top is very cheap and hard to open
  • .6-liter has narrow opening making it hard to clean or insert ice cubes
  • 1-liter and 40oz will not fit in a bike water bottle cage or car cup holder
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New Wave Enviro Stainless Steel Water Bottles Detailed Review by Experts

New Wave Enviro stainless steel water bottles are great for those that would like a safe water bottle, but don’t want to spend a lot of money. Their bottles can be purchased for as little as $7. They come in 4 sizes: 12oz, .6-liter (20oz), 1-liter (33.8oz) and 40oz. They are made of #304 food grade stainless steel. For hot or cold beverages it is recommended that the customer also purchase one of their insulated totes which come in a variety of colors. New Wave Enviro totes can be purchased for the 40oz and 1-liter bottles.

The 12oz is great for kids or adults that don’t want to carry around a large water bottle. It has dimensions of 6.5” x 2.75” and comes with a plastic (BPA-Free #5 polypropylene) sports top. Many Amazon customers, as well as myself, have experienced that the sports top has a tendency to leak. The stainless steel loop cap will resolve this problem. The 12oz, 1-liter and 40oz all have the same size mouth and can use the same steel loop top. The stainless steel top is great for those that don’t want any plastic touching their liquids. The 12oz bottle can be purchased for about $9 on Amazon while the steel loop cap goes for about $4.50. If the additional steel loop cap is purchased with the 12oz, I recommend going with the 12oz Klean Kanteen instead, since it is better quality and only costs about $1 more.

For those who would like to add a little bit of color to their water bottle the New Wave Enviro .6-liter stainless steel water bottle is produced in 6 different colors: green, silver, red, turquoise, blue and gold. It has a diameter of 2.75 inches by 9 inches. It is also very light, weighing in at only 5.2 ounces. It will fit in just about any car cup holder and bike water bottle cage. A negative feature of the rather small mouth of the .6-liter bottle is that it will not allow ice cubes to be inserted nor does it make cleaning very easy without a special tool. Some customers have also complained that the paint seems to come off these bottles very easily.

The .6-liter is sold with a #5 polypropylene plastic loop top. The top appears to be very cheaply made. If one is not careful screwing the top on (it is difficult to line up the threads) plastic dust and shavings from the threads will get into the contents of the bottle. Eventually the threads ware down so that the top will no longer tighten well enough to keep the bottle from leaking. Owing to this fact, I don’t recommend the New Wave Enviro .6-liter bottle. Although the design of this bottle seems cool, I would instead recommend the Earthlust line which has a similar design. If purchasing a New Wave Enviro, stick with the 12oz, 1-liter or 40oz. to avoid the aforementioned problems.

Like the 12oz, the 1-liter is also sold with the plastic sports top which has a tendency to leak and can be hard to push up or down as many Amazon customers have expressed. The steel loop top will also fit the 1-liter. The 1-liter is 3” x 12” making it too big to fit into most bike water bottle cages or car cup holders. The mouth size is acceptable with a diameter of 1.75” making it easy to insert ice cubes and to clean. The design of the 1-liter also makes it easy to grip.


ModelDimensionsWeightMouth Width
12oz6.5” x 2.75”4oz1.75″
.6-liter (20oz)9” x 2.75”5.2oz1”
1-liter (33.8oz)12” x 3″8oz1.75”
40oz11” x 3.75″10oz1.75″

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