General Facts About Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Most are made of 18/8 food-grade stainless steel (Guyot Designs uses 18/10 surgical grade stainless steel).They are made in China. Most companies such as Klean Kanteen claim that their bottles are made “responsibly” in China.Since most stainless steel water bottles are not insulated, they are not good for hot liquids (This can be overcome by using an insulating tote).Freezing is not recommended as it can damage and change the form of the water bottle.Drinking out of stainless steel may seem quite different at first, but accustoming oneself to this material does not take long.Stainless steel doesn’t insulate very well and will sweat, but this is no different than a plastic water bottle.

Stainless steel water bottles are considerably heavier than single use (Aquafina) water bottles, but only slightly more than a Lexin (Nalgene). For example, a Nalgene 32oz weighs 6.2oz compared to an Earthlust 1-liter (33.8oz) which weighs 7.7oz.Since paint doesn’t stick very well to metals, water bottles that have painted designs can be damaged if not used with care.

Since Stainless Steel contains nickel, those that are allergic should avoid stainless steel water bottles

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