Earthlust Stainless Steel Water Bottles – Review

  • Safe Water Bottle Review Approved
  • Come with cool designs
  • Narrow opening makes it harder to spill
  • Very light
  • 1% of your purchase will go to 1% For the Planet
  • 13oz and 20oz will fit in cup holders and bike water bottle cages
  • Narrow opening makes it hard to insert ice cubes and clean
  • Less durable than most stainless steel water bottles but lighter as a result
  • 1-liter won’t fit in most cup holders and bike water bottle cages
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Earthlust stainless steel water bottle Detailed Review

Not only is the Earthlust stainless steel water bottle a safe reusable water bottle, it is available in a variety of elegant designs at a reasonable price. Many of the designs are limited edition so if you see a design you like you probably should hurry up and buy it. They come in 3 convenient sizes: 13oz, 20oz and 1-liter (33.8oz).

The 13oz is great for kids and currently comes in five designs: Blue Shell, Owl, Growing Tree and Leaves (Green and Grey). The 20oz currently comes in seven designs and colors: Peacock Family, Parsley (in Green, Silver and White), Crow (Red and Silver) and Poppies. The 1-liter currently comes in four designs: Crow, Hawk, Peacock and Tree. The 13oz has dimensions of 2.5” x 7”. The 20oz is about the size of your average plastic water bottle with dimensions of 2.5” x 9.5”. The 1-liter has dimensions of 3.5” x 10.75”. The 13oz and 20oz will fit in a cup holder and bike water bottle cage while the 1-liter will not. All bottles come with a plastic (polypropylene #5) BPA-free loop top with a carabiner so you can easily attach it to a backpack or a belt buckle. There is also an optional sport top.

The Earthlust bottle is made of #304 food grade stainless steel. Since the steel walls are a little thinner than most stainless steel water bottles they are not as durable, but are very light. I highly recommend these water bottles for people that want a light stainless steel water bottle. The 13oz weighs only 3.6oz, the 20oz weighs 4.9oz and the 1-liter weighs 7.7oz.

Earthlust water bottles have a narrower mouth opening than most. The 13oz and 20oz have a 1.25” mouth opening and the 1-liter has a larger 1.5” opening. The narrow openings of the 13oz and 20oz prevent spilling, but make it harder to insert ice cubes and to clean. In purchasing an Earthlust water bottle you will be contributing to the 1% For the Planet Program. You may also feel good that you are making a difference by reducing plastic waste and reusing a safe water bottle.

Something to keep in mind is that the older Earthlust bottles were painted all the way up to the lip. After a while the paint would begin to come off and get into the contents. We recommend avoiding these older models. Earthlust no longer paints all the way up to the lip so you won’t have this problem with the newer models.

Update: Allison from Earthlust has informed me that they will be coming out with a heavier, more durable bottle in October.


ModelDimensionsWeightMouth Width
13oz7″ x 2.5″3.6oz1.25″
20oz9.5″ x 2.5″4.9oz1.25”
1-liter (33.8oz)10.75″ x 3.5″7.7oz1.5”

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