Bilt Stainless Steel Water Bottles – Review


  • Safe Water Bottle Review Approved
  • Come in many colors and styles
  • Very affordable
  • Plastic mouthpiece for those who don’t like putting their mouth on metal
  • Very light
  • The Vite series will fit in a bike water bottle cage or a cup holder
  • The thread patterns fit most water filters
  • Wide mouth allows inserting ice cubes and easy cleaning
  • High quality


  • Wide mouth makes it easier to spill
  • Fresco will not fit most car cup holders or bike water bottle cages.

Bilt Stainless Steel Water Bottle Review

The Bilt stainless steel water bottle is what we consider to be a “best value” safe water bottle. It is made of very high quality stainless steel and plastic and comes in a wide variety of colors and styles for a very reasonable price. It is similar to many stainless steel water bottles in that it is made of 18/8 stainless steel. The inner part of the bottle is finished using an electrolyte charge and dolomitic sand blasting. What on earth does this mean? Bilt e-mailed me us following in order to explain, “the sandblasting is done to the inside of the bottle to void any impurities or contaminates and the electrolytic charge seals it.”

All Bilt stainless steel water bottles have a top and mouthpiece made of BPA-free #5 polypropylene plastic. The plastic mouthpiece is desirable for those who don’t enjoy putting their mouths on metal. All models have a mouth opening of 1.8 inches which makes the bottle easy to clean and insert ice cubes. The disadvantage of the wide mouth, though, might be that there is more potential for spillage. The thread patterns found on the mouth are designed to fit most water filters. The plastic top also has a loop for easy carrying. The Bilt stainless steel water bottle comes in 3 designs: Vite (16oz), Vite Plus (26oz) and Fresco (29oz).

The Bilt Fresco comes with a colored plastic top (and plastic mouthpiece) in black, coral pink, forest green, hendrix purple, light green, province yellow and true blue. The Fresco Premium model comes in some really cool designs: Maori Black, Maori Leaves, Go Green, Henna Pink, Henna Light Green, Dead and White. The Fresco Color can also be purchased in light green, dark green and blue. The Fresco is very light at 6.3 ounces with a nice size of 3” x 8.75”. Its size, though, doesn’t allow it to fit in a bike water bottle cage or most cup holders. The Fresco is sold for a very affordable $14 and the Premium and Color models sell for about $18.

The Bilt Vite, Vite Color, Vite Plus and Vite Plus Color all come with a sports top with a loop for easy carrying. The Vite and Vite Plus come with colored top and mouthpiece in true blue, Hendrix purple and light green with the addition of black for the Vite Plus. The Vite Color and Vite Plus Color come in full color in true blue, Hendrix purple and light green. The Vite and Vite Color weigh 6oz. and measure 2.75” x 6.5”. The Vite Plus and Vite Plus Color weigh 8.1 ounces and measure 2.75” x 10.5”. The Bilt Vites will fit in a bike water bottle cage or a cup holder. The Vite goes for about $11.50, the Vite Color for $15, the Vite Plus for $15 and the Vite Plus Color for $18.


ModelCapacityDimensionsWeightMouth Width
Vite16oz6.5″ x 2.75″6oz1.8″
Vite Plus26oz10.5″ x 2.75″8.1oz1.8”
Fresco29oz8.75″ x 3″6.3oz1.8”

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